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Clickcool is above all, a simple and efficient platform.

Everything consists in delivering an easy-to-use service, so that the client can focus on his activity and win time. There is no need for any specific competence to use the platform.

It addresses to both individuals and professional customers that need to launch new products, brands or to promote their company.

Clickcool is based on three pillars EAT: Expertise, Authority, Trust. Our unique Digital Marketing platform is constantly striving to evolve, its main objective being to promote your activity and to place you on the first positions on the search engines « Google, Yahoo, Bing ».

The content is king. It is clearly presented, with great attention to details, while complying with all the standard criterias asked by the search engines. A high, well-structured quality content determines an optimal indexing and considerably increases the visits number, as well as the sales conversion rate.

Clickcool brings together plenty of Marketing Techniques for your website, such as :

  • - SEM (Search Engine Marketing) »
  • - SEO (Search Engine Optimization), organic search
  • - SMO (Social media Optimisation), optimisation for social networks

Our platform also offers you many other efficient marketing alternatives, as paid advertisement. For more information related to this subject, click here.

Virtual commercial display

It’s an entirely independent web page that presents your activity in a very professional and detailed manner.

The usage and consultation of the virtual display is made pleasantly and intuitively, so that the clients can quickly find all the information they need, while respecting all the quality standards, as well as the following criteria :

  • ✔ All the information on a single, tab-structured page - « About your activity ». The contact information is very easy to access (coordinates, phone number, e-mail address, contact form).
  • ✔ The user’s experience is fluid and the customized design is adapted to your line of business
  • ✔ Various media can be added to the text (images, videos), so that your activity can be illustrated in a very professional manner.
  • ✔ Technically, the virtual display fulfils the required standards W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), a good quality indicator that fosters an efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.
  • ✔ The content is up to date thanks to the publication of announcements « SEO » regular promotions.


Clickcool enables you to present your activity in a in a clear and legible manner, for a better understanding of your performance while the optimized content leads to a more efficient reading.

Clickcool facilitates the meeting between individuals and professionals, by adapting the services according to each trade. This technological advantage made by Clickcool has a very unique place on the market of this type.

The professionals can be assisted when they first use the virtual display: we help you to configure your website and we guide you step by step. Your information and images are also properly structured within the page, in order to ensure your success and a great achievement.

We are committed to ensuring that your future clients can easily find you and that your virtual display offers a positive image.

The pages created summarise the activity of your society and display your presentation so that your coordinates can be easily contacted. Every single page is automatically integrated on the Clickcool marketplace but also entirely autonomous, geo-localised and customizable.

Corporate showcase
It refers to the client’s showcase, without our graphical charter.

This formula is ideal for the clients that do not have a website, in order to use that space to present themselves with their own personal domain name « www.yourwebsite.com ».

The showcase is integrally customizable (the page does not contain the entity of Clickcool – no « header and footer », and you can choose from a large range of templates.

You can choose up to 5 key-words for your showcase (for a total of 10 key-words for two commercial displays), that will enable the indexation of your commercial displays on the search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing.

Activated modules :

  • ✔ E-commerce: creating a store for online-selling
  • ✔ Portfolio: inventory of your performances and your client- services
  • ✔ Pre-booking at hotel or restaurants: ergonomically and completely online reservation.

Publication of Commercial announcements & Display Advertising
Just like the advertising campaigns from the social networks, Clickcool gives you the possibility to create your own target when you create a campaign. You can choose from multiple languages and also include an image or a text. The announcement can also refer to a targeted public. The advertiser can also set 5 key-words that describe the best his field of activity.

The announcements are automatically attached to the commercial displays, in order to create a synergy between the suggested services.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
It refers to the optimization of your display on the search engines results. Our technology and our algorithms allow us to use the force of Google and Bingo to position our clients more efficiently on the search engines. .

The displays facilitate the double natural indexing thanks to the integrated virtual display, to benefit of the Clickcool market on both national and international level, depending on your long-term or short-term objectives.

The displays are also systematically fitted with instruments for traffic measurement (web controller and analyser) on purpose to analyse your e-Potential. A lot of specific information related to your activity are collected to enable the adaptation of your services.

Once the displays are activated, the supervisor agent is checking the human errors. Afterwards, your company is integrated on the local market with the help of a yearbook dedicated to professionals, so that you can take advantage of our notoriety. The display will be indexed on the search engines thanks to the advanced technology of Clickcool.

The plan of your virtual display offers a double advantage :

  • ✔ Guidance for your visitors
  • ✔ A better position of your important pages as well as of your professional announcements

It is essential to have a clear and well-structured description. It has to be focused on your field of expertise, structured and regularly renewed.

The regular publications and the announcements directly related to your commercial display can help you this way to accomplish your objectives.

The organic referencing has become vital for a website, so the companies are searching for the best positioning on the search engines.

Therefore, the first places are mostly occupied by the biggest banners or by the pertinent and well-structured websites.

On Clickcool, the professionals reunite their forces for a significantly improved visibility. There is no need to pay for an aleatory, often expensive referencing, as long as Clickcool makes it automatically, allowing you to benefit of its notoriety.

Your company will be significantly more accessible on the web, generating a consequent traffic. Clickcool is a long term investment for investors that are interested in serious, reliable and efficient solutions.


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